Valentine’s Day Activities for Kids

Who said Valentine’s Day is just for child-free people? It can also be a great opportunity for kids to put their creativity in action, express their feelings and have a great time with their family! Below you will find some Valentine’s Day activities for kids to make 14th of February special for everyone in the family!

Release the artist within!

Get some sheets of paper, your markers and a pair of scissors and let’s get creative! The following activities are appropriate for various ages. Choose the ones that best fit your kids age and interests and let’s go!

  • Heart stamps

This is one of the Valentine’s Day activities for kids that is super easy, does not need any special materials and makes toddlers crazy! You will only need a toilet paper roll, a sheet of paper and a set of water colors. Bend the toilet paper roll into a heart shape and tape it together so that it doesn’t lose its shape. Then pour some red paint on a plate. Give the paper roll to your kid and tell them to dip one end in the paint and then put it on the sheet of paper. Your first stamp is ready! If you have more than one paper rolls, you can use many colors to make your stamp collection more colorful!

  • Mosaic hearts

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

If you have kids of different ages (toddlers, preschoolers or a little older), you can use this activity to have them all engaged. You need a cardboard, an old magazine, a pair of scissors and a glue stick. Pick some glossy pictures from the magazine and tell your kids to cut them in little pieces of different shapes, so that they look like small tiles. Then, tell them to draw a large heart on the cardboard and paste the magazine pieces on it, so that they cover the whole surface of the heart. You will have a beautiful love mosaic!

  • Bookmarks of love

Do your kids love reading books? Do they have a favorite person who loves reading? Then what’s a better idea than making love bookmarks! With just a simple search you can find plenty of printables you can use on the internet. Print them and let your kids write a message and/or color them. They can also create their own special origami bookmarks using just a piece of paper or a cardboard! There are various videos with clear instructions on how to make an origami heart corner bookmark and your kids will be excited to have their own bookmarks!

Valentine's Day Activities for Kids

  • You’re in my heart

Valentine’s Day activities for kids can be really fun and this one is proof! Grab your kids’ old (or boring!) T-shirts and some markers. Ask them to draw a heart on the left side of their T-shirt, where their heart would be if they wore it. If they want to, they can write a name of a person they love in the family. Since it is not common for kids to be allowed to draw on their clothes, they will love this activity!

  • Sweet dreams

This can be your kids’ special gift to you for Valentine’s Day! Give them a white pillowcase and some fabric colors and tell them to draw something and/or write a message in order to express their love to you. Your kids will be excited with the whole process and the idea that you will be sleeping on their painting!

  • Love in a jar

Remember those glass jars we end up having a tone of in the kitchen? Time to use them! Give your kids some water colors and let them draw a lot of hearts on the jars. When the night comes, put a tealight in each one and light it up! The light coming out of those colors will be beautiful!

Making the day special

Valentine’s Day activities for kids don’t have to be limited to arts and crafts. You can share a day full of different experiences that will make it special for your kids. You can prepare the Valentine’s Day meal together, make heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes, set the table, fold the napkins in a heart shape and light the tealights in the jars they’ve drawn. Then, you can all wear your T-shirts with the drawn hearts, play some beautiful music and enjoy the family dinner! Happy Valentine’s Day!

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