Patusa: A New Exciting Game Has Been Added in Animals for Kids!

We are excited to announce that Patusa is now available for you to play in “Animals for Kids“!!! A great amount of time and energy was invested to create a new, exciting game that will keep your little ones amused, while they practice their perception and reaction skills.  So, let’s have a look on what’s new!

Surprises start as you tap on the Patusa icon, since it is the first multi-level game in the app! You can choose the level that suits your kids’ needs, since the levels are of scaling difficulty. If, for example, your toddlers are very young and need to develop their reaction time, playing the first and second level will be more suitable for them.

Animals for Kids
Choose a level and let the fun begin!

Once you have chosen the level you wish to play, you are ready to start! The goal of the game is for the kids to spot a specific animal as fast as they can. Different animals jump on the screen from time to time, so kids have to be focused and fast to tap on the correct animal before it disappears! If you choose to replay a level, then kids will be asked to spot a different animal. This way, even if you don’t want them to continue to a more difficult level yet, they can keep playing the same level again and again and they won’t get bored!

Fun fact: Patusa comes from the Greek word “πατούσα” which means “paw”!

On the contrary, by playing Patusa, kids can explore a different world, with many colorful backgrounds and a cheerful melody that makes the whole experience really amusing for toddlers and preschoolers! All in all, with Patusa you can rest assured that your kids will spend qualitative screen time, playing a game that helps them develop their cognitive skills, while at the same time, they are having so much fun!

Once you try Patusa, we are sure you will be as excited as we are! Let your kids play and share your feedback with us. If you haven’t done it yet, download “Animals for Kids” today for free and enjoy all the great benefits the app has to offer to your little ones!

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