Fun Indoor Physical Activities for Kids to Be Active and Happy!

OK. We all know that kids looove playing outside, running, jumping around and doing all those fun activities that help them release their energy. This is only logical since, according to the CSEP, toddlers and preschoolers need at least three hours of physical activity every day, so that they can improve their movement skills, maintain a healthy body weight and increase their fitness. Even when they get older, they require at least one hour of moderate to intense physical activity every day. But what if you have to stay at home for whatever the reason? If you’re struggling to keep your kids active at home, here are some fun and easy indoor physical activities for kids to keep them moving!

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Physical activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Your little ones will be happy with pretty much any activity they do for the first time, as long as it is fun! If you decide to participate too, they will get super excited! So, let’s see some physical activities that you can organize with things you have at home:

Maze runner

Create a maze at home and let your kids find the exit! The only thing you need is a masking tape and some free space on the floor. Make some lines on the floor, so that they form a maze. Challenge your kids to find the exit walking, running, jumping etc. If this seems too challenging for your kids’ age, start by making a single line and ask them to walk it as fast as they can. To make it more fun, ask them to walk it backwards, on one foot or even with eyes closed!

Animal race

Do you have any animal cards or pictures at home? Put them in a jar and pick one at a time. Show it to your kids and ask them to “walk” pretending to be this animal. They can hop like a rabbit, fly like a bird or slither like a snake. If you have more than one kid, you can also make an animal race! Each one has to choose an animal they want to pretend and then go on a race to see who’s faster!

Don’t drop the balloon

This is one of the most common physical activities for young kids. Blow a balloon and let your kid run around the house trying not to let the balloon fall down.

Make a choreo

Put on your kids’ favorite song and ask them to teach you a funny choreo!

Walk on the clouds

Get some pillows (they can be bed or couch pillows), set up a line on the floor and ask your kids to walk on them as fast as they can. It’s trickier and a lot funnier than it sounds!

More challenging physical activities for kids

physical activities for kids
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If you like working out, then why not let your kids join you? Kids copy us all the time, so they will be happy to do what mom or dad does!

Floor is lava

Kids get crazy with this game! Just tell them that in their room or in the living room, the floor is made of lava and they cannot walk on it. They will have to climb over furniture to get around. If you’re worried about their safety, you can choose the room that seems safer to you for such an activity or set specific rules (e.g. they can climb on the sofa, but not on the bookcase). Don’t forget! Floor is lava for you too!

Obstacle course

Create your own obstacle course at home! Have them jump ropes, crawl under tables, climb over sofas and chairs! The more they have to do, the more excited they will be!

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