Free Christmas Worksheet for Toddlers and Preschoolers!

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At Feasy Apps we love Christmas! And what is a better way to celebrate Christmas than by making presents? This year we have prepared for all our little friends a great and totally free Christmas worksheet full of fun activities to explore their creativity, practice their cognitive skills and have a lot of fun!

Are you curious about the activities included in our free Christmas worksheet? Well, let’s have a look:

free Christmas worksheetColor by numbers:

Grab your markers and let’s give some color to these pictures! Each number you see on the picture corresponds to a specific color, so pay attention to the guide under the picture. In case you don’t have all the colors mentioned, don’t worry! You can use a similar one.

Color the image according to the photo:

We have found the most beautiful Christmas pictures for you to color! You can spend hours using different colors to create the most colorful pictures for your room! Under the picture to be colored there is also a colorful one for you to copy the colors. Of course, if you feel creative enough, you can use color the picture differently too!


Trace the lines and color:

Time to practice your fine motor skills with these easy and fun activities! Get your pencil, follow the intermittent lines and create cute shapes! Then grab your markers and color the shapes either in the same color as the original picture or in any color you like best.

free Christmas worksheetConnect the dots and color:

Our free Christmas worksheet is for older kids too! If you go to school and you’ve learned how to count, then this activity is for you! Follow the numbers and connect the dots in the correct order to create a Christmas picture. Once you’ re done, you can also color it to make it even more beautiful.


Match the objects with their shadows:

It’s now time to practice our visual perceptual skills too! Can you find the correct shadow for each object? Let’s see!

Find 2 same pictures:

These pictures may look like they are identical, but they are not! There are only two pictures that are exactly the same. Can you find out which ones?


free Christmas worksheetFind the differences:

There are 7-10 differences between the two pictures. Can you find them all?

Count and match:

Our free Christmas worksheet helps you practice your math too! Count the objects in each activity and choose the correct number.


free Christmas worksheetMatch the same objects:

Match each object with the corresponding one. And if this activity seems like a piece of cake for you, then you can try moving on to match each object with the piece that is missing…!

Discover these and many more interesting activities to spend your Christmas creatively in our free Christmas worksheet! To download it click on the picture below:

free Christmas worksheet
Click on the picture to get your free Christmas worksheet.

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