Feasy Apps Presents…the Hen! Hen Facts and Free Hen Worksheet for Kids!

hen worksheet

Another Friday brings another article about animals! This week we are going to talk about the hen. How much do you know about this farm animal? Let’s discover 10 interesting facts about the hen and then have fun with a free hen worksheet full of cool activities!

How much do you know about hens?

  • A healthy hen lays about 265 eggs a year! That’s a loooot of eggs!
  • They talk to their chicks while they are still in the eggs and they can answer back by chirping!
  • Hens announce that they have just laid an egg by clucking.
  • A hen’s earlobe determines the color of its eggs. More specifically, brown eggs come from red ear-lobed hens, whereas white ones come from white ear-lobed hens.
  • Although they don’t look very similar, hens are related to Tyrannosaurus Rex!
  • They are really talkative! In fact, they use more than 24 calls to communicate with each other!
  • They like sharing! They even share nests to lay their eggs!
  • They are so intelligent that they can remember over 100 faces of people or animals!
  • They are also great runners, since they can run up to 9 miles per
  • If you give your hen a chocolate, she may not be excited about it… This is because they can taste saltiness, but not sweetness!

Get your free hen worksheet!

Click on the picture to download a hen worksheet for free!

Now that you know how interesting these cute animals are, it’ s time to have some extra fun! We have prepared for you a variety of fun activities. So, grab your markers, download our worksheet and let’s get to work! Color the hen, find the differences, help the hen reach her chicks and don’t forget to send us your creations at info.feasyapps@gmail.com! We will be happy to proudly post them on our social media! If you need a back-and-white version of our worksheet, click on the following picture:

Click on the picture to get a black-and-white worksheet

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