Meet the Elephant: Elephant Facts and Free Worksheet for Kids!

Hey kids! Let’s meet the animals! From now on a feature story will be published on our blog for every animal you can see in our app “Animals for Kids“, accompanied with a fun worksheet full of cool activities! Are you ready to meet the first one? This article is dedicated to the elephant, so let’s begin with some interesting elephant facts!

Let’s learn some cool elephant facts!

  • These huge animals are the largest mammals that live on land!

More specifically, they live in Asia and Africa.

  • Elephants can reach 70 years of age.

That’s probably as old as your grandpa!

  • Like all herbivores, elephants loooooove eating plants!

In fact they spend almost 16 hours a day eating seeds, leaves, flowers and fruit!

  • That long trunk they have is really useful to them, since they can do many things with it!

They use it to spray water in their mouth when they are thirsty, but they also use it to grab food and peel yummy bananas! Moreover, their trunk is important to them to communicate with each other and to defend themselves against enemies. They can even use it to breath underwater!

  • Female elephants are very social and love being in herds with their friends.

In fact, the oldest elephant is the leader of the herd. Male elephants stay with their mother in the herd until they become 12-15 years old and then they live alone or with other male elephants.

  • Elephants are really clever!

They have a great memory and they can remember their old friends and enemies. They can also easily recall routes where they found food and water in the past.

  • They have their own natural sunscreen!

During travelling, elephants might need to be in the sun for many hours. To protect their skin from the burning sun, they use their trunks to throw mud, sand and water on their bodies, thus creating their own natural sunscreen!

  • It’s hard to be an elephant mommy!

Female elephants are pregnant for 22 months, which is almost two years! When they finally give birth, their baby weighs 200-300 pounds, which explains why they had to wait so long!

  • There are two things elephants are afraid of. Can you guess them?

Elephants are afraid of… dogs and bees! Could you ever imagine that these huge animals would be afraid of something so small?

  • Elephants love everything about water!

They spend a lot of time swimming and bathing in rivers and they love playing with their friends, spraying water on each other! Of course, they also love drinking it, since they drink about 60 gallons of water a day!!!

Now let’s have fun!

elephant facts
Click on this image to get your free elephant worksheet!

Now that you’ve learned all these exciting elephant facts, we have prepared for you a fun elephant worksheet! Download it now for free here, check the instructions below and have a great time with our cool activities!

Activity 1: Let’s color the elephant!

You will need

Markers or pencil colors

Grab your colors and let’s make that elephant colorful! You can try making it same as the one on the worksheet cover or get creative and give it your own special colors!

Activity 2: Find the odd one out!

You will need

A pencil

In each line there’s an elephant that’s missing something… Can you spot and circle it?

Activity 3: Help the elephant reach the ball!

You will need

A pencil

Elephants are playful, but our elephant can’t reach the ball to play… Can you help it find the correct route to find the ball? Draw a line to show it the way.

Activity 4: Make your own elephant!

You will need

Hard paper for crafts




  1. With the help of an adult cut the elephant’s head, ears, body, feet and tail. Then use the glue to stick each one of them onto the hard paper. Once they are glued, cut them again, so that you have each body part separately cut.
  2. Cut the eyes and hair from the worksheet and glue them on the respective positions on the elephant’s head.
  3. Then, glue each ear on the right and left of the elephant’s head.  Your elephant head is ready!
  4. Let’s move on to the body! Glue two legs on the front of the body and the remaining two on the back.
  5. Glue the tail on the right of the body and the body is completed!
  6. Glue the elephant’s head on the body and your elephant is ready!

Activity 5: Make your own colorful elephant!

You will need

Hard paper for crafts



Markers or pencil colors

Color the elephant’s body parts as you like! Then, follow the instructions about Activity 4 above and enjoy your own colorful elephant!

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