Easy Father’s Day Activities You Can Do at Home

father's day activities

Father’s Day is coming and it’s a great opportunity to spend quality time with your kids having fun and sharing moments with their favorite man in the world! Contrary to what you may believe, you don’t need a lot to do so. We have gathered the easiest Father’s Day activities to make this day special for your family!

Dad, I love you because…

This activity is very touching for the father, but also really edifying for kids too, since they have to come in contact with their emotions and evaluate their experiences. If your kids go to school and know how to write, ask them to write a letter to their father, mentioning all the things they like doing with him and how they feel when they spend time with him. If they are preschoolers or even younger, you can make a recording where they can express their feelings. You will surprised to see that kids pay attention to small things and activities you may not even notice!

Let’s get to know dad!

How well do kids know their dad? Although you may live in the same house and spend much time together, there are always more things to discover about another person. So, prepare a list of questions about things kids may not know about their dad and let’s have a quiz! Questions may be about his favorite color, his favorite cartoon as a kid, his best friend’s name when he was at school etc. You can also ask kids whether they have any questions to include. Once you have prepared the game, gather all the family and let the game start! Ask a question and tell each member of the family that they should write on a piece of paper what they believe that the correct answer about dad will be. Once everyone is ready, let them reveal their answers and then ask dad to answer the question. Encourage kids to ask more questions and discover more about their father. Apart from a great activity to know their dad, this is also a nice opportunity to teach kids how to show interest in knowing another person.


This is one of the funniest Father’s Day activities both for kids and for the parents! Ask kids to think of specific behaviors their father has or face expressions he does. Then, ask them to imitate these behaviors and expressions, while their dad tries to guess what they are trying to do. Is this an expression dad does when he is hungry? Is this something dad does when he is on a hurry? This activity also helps you to see how your kids perceive your behavior.

Create dad’s Chinese portrait!

The only thing you need is your imagination! In case you haven’t played Chinese portrait before, it goes like this: you have to imagine based on their personality, what another person would be if they were a fruit or a musical instrument for example. So, take a large white paperboard and write phrases like: “If dad was an animal he would be…” and let kids complete the phrase. To make it more fun, you can ask them to draw their answer.

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