Feasy Apps Presents… the Dog! Dog Facts and Free Dog Worksheet For Kids!

Hey kids! Ready to learn some cool facts about another animal in “Animals for Kids”? Let’s meet… the dog! In this article we are going to discover many amazing facts about one of the most favorite pets all around the world and you will also get a totally free dog worksheet to have fun at home!

Wow dog facts!

  • Their noses are very important to them!

Have you noticed that dogs’ noses are wet? This happens because their noses can absorb some substances to help them understand their environment better. Once these substances are absorbed, dogs lick their noses and get a taste of the world around them!

  • And so are they ears!

Dogs have a very strong sense of hearing. In fact their hearing is ten times more accurate than that of humans. They can also hear sounds coming from a great distance away and that is why many dogs move their ears to different directions. No wonder they have 18 muscles that help them move their ears!

  • They have a lot of… eyelids!

More specifically, dogs have three eyelids! The third one is used to protect their eye and keep it wet.

  • Dogs have their own “fingerprints”

But they are once again on their nose! Just like a human’s fingerprint, a dog’s nose print is unique!

  • If you want to understand a dog’s feelings, look at its tail

If you see a dog wagging its tail calmly and happily, it means that it is happy to see you. A dog lowering its tail and even putting it between its legs is probably afraid of something, while a dog keeping its tail raised and straight is focused on something that has caught its attention.

  • A dog mommy has a lot of kids!

Usually when a female dog gives birth, about 6 cute puppies are born. However, a female dog may give birth to even 12 puppies at a time!

  • Puppies are like human babies!

When a puppy is born, it is completely dependent on its mother to drink milk or stay warm. Newborn puppies cannot walk and their eyes are closed for some weeks.

  • Chocolate may be yummy, but not for your dog!

Although dogs can eat pretty much everything, there are certain foods that your shouldn’t give to your dog, since they will be very dangerous for it. These foods include chocolate, grapes and raisins.

  • Dogs sweat too!

Although you may have never seen a sweaty dog, truth is that dogs sweat too! The reason we do not notice it easily is because dogs sweat through their nose and paws!

  • All dogs can bark! Or… not!

Did you know there’s a dog breed that doesn’t bark? The Basenji dogs don’t make the usually dog sound. Rather they make a sound that resembles a yodel, like this:

Dog Worksheet

dog worksheet
Click on this photo to download your free dog worksheet!

Now that you’ve learned all these awesome facts for dogs, it’s time to get creative! Download the dog worksheet we have prepared for you and have a great time doing a number of different activities! Get your markers and make the dog colorful, connect the lines to draw the dog, find the differences and help the dog reach its food!

Don’t forget to send your wonderful creations to our e-mail at info.feasyapps@gmail.com or to our social media accounts and you will see them posted on our profile the soonest possible!

For a black and white version of the worksheet, click on this photo

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