Feasy Apps Presents…the Cat! Cat Facts and Free Cat Worksheet for Kids!

cat worksheet

Hey kids! Time to meet another cute animal! This time we are going to learn some awesome facts about one of the most popular pets, the cat! At the end of this article you will also find a free cat worksheet to dive deeper into the cat world. So, let’s go!

Cool facts you didn’t know about cats!

  • Cats loooove sleeping!

In fact, they can sleep for 13-14 hours a day! This means they spend almost 70% of their lives sleeping!

  • But when their awake, they prefer grooming!

They can spend almost 1/3 of the time their awake grooming themselves. No wonder they are known to be very clean pets!

  • Their whiskers help them “understand” the world

Have you seen cats in really small places that you would think it is impossible for them to fit into? Well, cats know they can fit in there because of their whiskers that function as testers. If their whiskers can fit, then their whole body will!

  • Cats, camels and giraffes have something in common…

They walk in the same way! What does this mean? Well, they start walking by moving both of their right legs together and then they continue by moving the left ones. Although, you may have never noticed it, no other animal walks this way, apart from camels, giraffes and cats!

  • Purring is soothing for them too!

Research has shown that a cat’s purring is calming for the person who pets it. This is not true only for people though… Cats also purr when they are ill or distressed to soothe themselves.

  • Food is not always good for them…

In fact, there are certain kinds of food that may harm them. You should never give your cat grapes, chives, raisins, garlic and onion, since these foods can cause health problems to your pet.

  • A cat’s love is in it’s eyes!

If you notice your cat looking at you and blinking slowly, you’re a lucky person! Cats show their love and trust by blinking slowly to their favorite person (or animal!). That’s your cat’s way to say “I love and trust you”! To show your love to your cat in a way they understand, blink back at it slowly.

  • Cats tails show their happiness too!

Just in a different way to that of dogs… As you may have noticed, cats don’t wag their tails like dogs do. However, they keep their tails straight and almost vibrating when they are happy!

  • Cats choose their bed depending on your smell!

You may have bought a beautiful bed for your cat, but it may still prefer sleeping on your pillow. The reason behind this strange behavior is cuter than you may think! Your cat prefers your pillow, because it has your own scent.

  • Cats meow because of us!

Cats don’t need meowing to communicate with each other. This is a special skill they have developed in order to be able to communicate with humans. In a way, they are trying to mimic the way we speak.

Cat Worksheet

cat worksheet
Click on the photo to get your worksheet!

Now that you know all these cool facts about cats, it’s time to have some extra fun! Download the free cat worksheet we have  prepared for you and have a great time doing a variety of activities like coloring, matching, finding the differences, etc. Click on the photo to get your worksheet! Don’t forget to send your creations on our social media accounts and you’ll see them posted on our profiles!

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