Our story

Feasy Apps was founded in 2012 out of pure passion for new technologies and a firm belief that educational mobile applications could be surprisingly beneficial for kids. The huge success of our first app “Animals for Kids” proved us right and inspired us to become even better!

Since then, our team has evolved to include experienced Android and iOS developers who are specialized in app development and design. Being always on the lookout for new technologies, they never stop implementing the latest trends in mobile development. Educators also form an integral part of our team, since their contribution in the designing process is essential. Developers and educators  work closely together to ensure that every app addresses the needs of the respective children age group it has been designed for.

Our mission is to overturn the idea that learning is boring and difficult. We strongly believe that kids learn more efficiently when they are presented with a content that is appealing to them and gets them to  interact with it. That is why our apps are designed in such a way, so that kids learn without even realizing it! With Feasy learning is finally fun and easy!

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