9+1 Fun Summer Activities for Happy Kids!

Summer is here for good! Right now, some parents may be lying on the beach, enjoying the sea and watching their kids swimming and playing on the sand endlessly. However, there are other families whose vacation may be over or may not have started yet. Especially for kids, a summer period with nothing to do can be pretty unproductive and thus boring. So, looking for fun activities you can do with your kids at your hometown in the summer? Heroes of the city, we are here for you! Below you will find 9+1 summer activities to have a great time with your kids even in the city!

Who said staying at home is boring?

Can’t go out for whatever reason? No prob! There are so many indoor activities to do with your kids that they will not even notice they are at home!

1. Off we go!

This is one of those activities that require some planning before, but we can assure you that the kids will love it! The main idea is that you pick a country and the whole day at home is dedicated to that country! What could that possibly mean?

First of all, you should choose a country. It could be your favorite one or a country your family may have a connection with or you can even ask your kids where they would like to travel to. Then, you live for a day as if you were living in that country. If, for example, you choose Italy, you can listen to Italian songs, watch an Italian movie, make an Italian recipe or even learn some basic words in Italian! Most of the information you will need can be found on YouTube for free, so the only thing you need is time!

Kids love exploring and doing new things out of their daily routine, so this is an activity they enjoy a lot! The good thing is that apart from having fun, they actually learn without even realizing it!

2.Evacuate the dance floor!

Photo by Emma Bauso

This is one of the summer activities you can do anywhere, since you only need music, your mobile phone and energy!

As its name suggests, this is an activity to make you dance! But here, we’ll go one step further… Let your kids be the choreographers! Choose a song, any song all of you like and make a choreography! The moves can be as crazy and fun as you like! Once you’re ready to perform, you can set the camera on your mobile phone on so as to record your family dance. Hit the play button aaand have fun!

3.You got mail!

This is one of the summer activities for those moments you need some quiet time at home. You will only need some pencils and some sheets of paper. Each member of the family has to write a letter to each one of the others. If your kid is too young to write, he or she can draw what they want to say. What’s so special about this activity? Well, you are not allowed to read what the others have written to you for 5 years (could be less or more. That depends on you)! Wouldn’t it be fun to read what your family members thought for you five years ago?

4.Who needs diamonds when there’s pasta?

Did you know you can make pasta jewelry? Well, you can and kids love experimenting like this! This is one of the activities that require some preparation and some material too, but it also helps your kids develop their creative skills, not to mention that they will have a memento of this special summer day with you! You can find detailed info on how to make pasta jewelry in the following video:

5.Dress up!

You know how much kids love pretending to be grown ups. What if you took part in their game too? Just for once, let them dress up using your clothes, accessories etc. and ask them to create a concept. They can be lawyers going to work or teachers at school or even parents taking care of their babies! Go on and get a role in their story! You can be a client or a student or anything they like. You will encourage them to develop their fantasy and they will enjoy it so much!

6.Let’s make a family band!

This is one of those summer activities that help kids develop multiple skills at once. You may say it doesn’t have to be summer to do it, but it is included in this list due to the amount of time needed. So, how can you make a family band? First of all, you need some … musical instruments! Don’t worry! You won’t need to go shopping! You can make your own musical instruments at home using things we usually have at home, such as paper, a pair of scissors, straws or even.. rice! There are various videos on YouTube on how to make different musical instruments. Each one of you can choose the instrument they prefer, make it and then move on to create a simple rhythm.

Let’s get (almost) out!

Photo by Miguel R Perez Rivas

7.The more you offer… 

This one – along with all the summer activities that follow – requires spending some time at home and going out as well. Although the first part may not be so enjoyable for the kids, the second one will leave them happy and teach them a lesson too. The main idea is that they will have to offer some of their things (could be toys, clothes, books, etc) to an institution. This way they will learn that there are people in need and that their help is valuable. Also, it is a great lesson on sharing and appreciating what they already have. But, how can you persuade a kid donate their personal belongings? Before even deciding what to donate, let them choose where they want their things to be donated. Make a list of institutions in your area, present them to your kids (you can show them some photos on the internet, explain their goals and needs etc) and ask them to choose the one that they like the most. Then, let them decide what they are going to offer. If you feel they are too willing (or even unwilling!), you can set some rules regarding the number of items they should offer and/or the time they should spend choosing.

the more you have!

Once the choosing part is over, you can organize a visit to that institution, so that the kids can offer their belongings themselves. It would be great if the visit could be combined with a guided tour in the institution, where the kids could get some more information on the way it works and on how their offer will be beneficial for people. Thus, kids will get a sense of achievement and pride in what they did. If they like it, you can organize a donation every year!

8.Who’s there? It’s the postman!

Or … time to get a blast from the past! In today’s tech world, where e-mails, dms and chats are the most common way of communicating, kids may never have the chance to actually send a letter. So, why not encourage them have this experience? Get them to write a letter to a friend or a relative who lives at a different area, let them choose the envelope they like, buy stamps and visit the post office! It may seem boring to you, but it will definitely be a unique experience for them! Especially if they get a reply!

9.Be a tourist in your city!

Remember that museum you’re always passing by but, you’ve never visited? Or that strange statue at the park you’ve been wondering about? Time to discover your own city, along with your kids! Choose a day and follow a different route, discover places you’ve never been before, learn their history and share interesting facts with your kids! It will be like a school excursion without … school! Can you think of anything better?

So… no screen time for the summer?

+ 1 Bonus!

Screen time does not have to be completely over for the summer, as long as it is quality time too! Instead of watching TV, you can watch a family movie at a summer cinema. Instead of watching a cartoon on YouTube, you can watch an arts and crafts video and then move on to put in practice what you’ve learnt! Wondering what to do when your kids want to play on your mobile device? That’s easy! You can download educational apps especially designed for kids using the play-based learning method. That way, your kids will have fun and learn at the same time! Discover some of the best educational apps for Android and iOS devices today and have a great summer!

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