6 Benefits of Educational Mobile Apps for Kids

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Mobile apps have been widely used and implemented in our everyday routine for a decade now. Whether on a mobile phone or a tablet, we are more and more getting used to organizing our life using mobile apps, such as online calendars, habit trackers, fitness guides etc. Many adults also use mobile apps for educational purposes, such as learning a new language, for example. However, when it comes to kids we seem to be more sceptical about the benefits of educational mobile apps for our little ones. Nevertheless, as we are going to see below, educational mobile apps can be a great tool if used properly.

1. Educational mobile apps are interactive by nature

Kids are used to receiving a lot of different stimuli at the same time and that is why they tend to get easily bored when they have to study in the traditional way. One of the great benefits of educational mobile apps is that kids can have a fully-featured experience while learning. They are usually colorful, with great graphics and sounds that attract the kids’ attention and make them want to engage with the app’s content. In this way, children learn more easily and because of all the different ways the app’s syllabus is presented to them, they are more likely to remember what they’ve learnt.

2. Kids spend their free time learning

Another one of the important benefits of educational mobile apps is that children spend their free time creatively while learning new things or practicing what they have already learned. Instead of watching TV or browse the Internet wastefully, they have the opportunity to do something beneficial for them and have fun at the same time!

3. Kids progress at their own pace

When using educational mobile apps, kids do not feel pressured to follow the pace of their -say- classmates. On the contrary, they can go step by step in their own rhythm and move on to the next level when they feel ready. However, this doesn’t mean that they do not feel motivated, since usually educational apps reward them for every new achievement.

Benefits of Educational Mobile Apps
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4. Constant updates

When talking about the benefits of educational mobile apps, we cannot avoid mentioning that qualitative apps are constantly updated with new material. The app’s learning material may be extended, new features are added, possible mistakes are corrected, all in all the app gets improved and kids can enjoy the benefits of every better version.

5. Available anytime and anywhere

One of the benefits of mobile educational apps that make them special is that kids can learn anywhere and at any time, as long as they have a mobile device. Thus, kids spend the idle time when travelling from one place to another or waiting in a queue in a productive way without being bored.

6. You can keep track of your kid’s progress

Many educational mobile apps have practice activities which are scored. This way you can check your kid’s progress and make sure that they have understood the lesson taught.

Give educational mobile apps a chance!

These are only a few of the benefits of educational mobile apps. Since there is a great variety of mobile apps targeted to kids on the market, before letting your kid engage with an app, you should make some research to make sure that the app is qualitative and suitable to your kids’ needs. As mentioned above, educational mobile apps can be a valuable tool for those who know how to choose and use them!

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