5+4 Benefits of Musical Instruments for Kids

Are you looking for ways to stimulate your kids’ brain development? Would you like to help them enhance their skills in various areas, but don’t know how? Aiming at raising self-confident and disciplined kids? There’s a way to achieve all these things and it’s not as difficult as you might think! Musical instruments can prove to be a really powerful ally to your efforts, since the benefits of musical instruments for kids are numerous and multidimensional.

Raising skillful kids

One of the greatest benefits of musical instruments for kids is the fact that during the process of learning a musical instrument, kids practice multiple skills at the same time, thus becoming more talented and skillful. More specifically, playing a musical instrument helps kids better develop their:

  • listening skills, since when playing a melody they have to carefully listen and look for possible mistakes concerning different aspects, such as rhythm, pitch, speed, etc.
  • reading and comprehension skills, since they have to study music theory, learn how to read notes and recognize how to play them. Scientists at Northwestern University have also found out that reading and music are connected through common neural and cognitive mechanisms.
  • math skills! Believe it or not, studies have shown that playing a musical instrument is strongly related to improving kids performance at mathematics. Given the fact that learning a musical instrument entails learning how to create fractions, recognize patterns and so on, this connection between music and math may not appear so strange.
  • memory skills. The benefits of musical instruments for your kids’ memory are indubitable. Learning various melodies by heart, being able to retrieve from memory the correct combination of notes to play a certain melody, even recognizing written notes, all contribute to developing strong memory skills!
  • coordination and fine motor skills. Playing a musical instrument requires a great hand-eye coordination, since the player has to read the music sheet and play the respective notes at the same time. That is to say, practicing a musical instrument means practicing your coordination skills at the same time. Imagine playing an instrument that requires moving other body parts, too (e.g. the drum kit)!

Benefits of musical instruments on your kid’s personality

benefits of musical instruments

Apart from acquiring and enhancing various skills, playing a musical instrument can help your kids develop a great range of positive personality traits that will be pretty useful in their adult life too. The following list refers to some of the most important benefits of musical instruments on your kid’s personality:

  • playing a musical instrument makes your kid sociable and increases their team spirit. Although learning a musical instrument is a rather individual process, most players enjoy playing music together, exchanging views on ways of playing an instrument, discussing about their favorite composers and music styles etc. By trying to cooperate with other players, kids develop their social skills and learn how to work better in a team.
  • through the process of learning a musical instrument, kids develop perseverance and discipline. As much as it is enjoyable, learning how to play a musical instrument is a difficult process that needs a lot of patience and practice.  Through this process, kids learn how to persist in trying and take pleasure in finally achieving their goal.
  • a musical instrument teaches kids how to be responsible. Apart from being consistent in their practice, kids have to take care of their musical instrument, as well. Tuning, cleaning and making sure that their instrument is safe and sound is their own responsibility.
  • through music kids broaden their horizons. When learning a musical instrument, kids have to learn music history and come in contact with different music styles, thus being exposed to various cultures and eras. As a result, kids gain a better understanding of the world in general.

How to inspire your kids to learn a musical instrument

As said before, despite of the many benefits of musical instruments, learning how to play them is a really challenging process and this may be a discouraging factor for kids. For this reason, you should make sure that your kids start learning a musical instrument that they have chosen themselves and they really like. Kids are more likely to go on with their practice if they feel that it was their decision. If your kids are very young, you may need to bring them in contact with many different instruments until they find the one they like best. Of course, you don’t need to buy all these instruments just to persuade your kids take up one of them! Many music schools organize classes for toddlers and preschoolers, where younger kids come in contact with various instruments through play. Or if you need something fun and educational you can do at home with your kids, you can use our app “Musical Instruments for Kids” that offers introduces 48 musical instruments and more than 200 melodies!

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